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Welcome to LeFiell ADVANTAGE

The LeFiell Advantage is 30 years of experience building thousands of spar systems that have visited literally every port in the world.  Our spar plan files consist of prints for boats from 20' to 70', including sloops ketches, schooners, and multihulls...   Whether racing or cruising, you can rely on the LeFiell Advantage.

Quality has a unique and rather special place with LeFiell Marine Products.  The LeFiell Advantage is that we are part of LeFiell Manufacturing Co., an aerospace supplier of tubular products.  The experience gained in 69 years of building rocket engine components, jet engine shafts, control rods, shuttle fuel tubes and many more aerospace tubular products have been incorporated into high quality spar systems.  Whether sailing the seven seas or flying into outerspace, you can depend on LeFiell quality.

LeFiell Marine Products, standard features include:

Mast Sections Boom Sections
Masthead Assembly Gooseneck Assembly
Tang Assemblies Endcap Assembly
Spreader Assemblies Bail for Mainsheet
Winch Pads Outhaul/Reefing Assemblies
Cleats PVC Tube & Electric Wire
Mast Step Running Lights
Other Hardware  

For years LeFiell Marine Products has offered the professional and non professional builder their choice of either a non assembled "Spar system" or a fully assembled welded spar system.  The choice is yours, you may add or delete parts including welded components, or have your spars painted or anodized.

Please feel free to contact us at LeFiell Marine Products for all your spar system needs, we can be reached by phone at (562)921-3411 or fax at (562)926-1714 or simply email us at

LeFiell Manufacturing Company
13700 Firestone Blvd
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